Visualizing Silver’s Uses through the Ages

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Tyler Durden

Visualizing Silver's Uses through the Ages | BullionBuzz | Nick's Top Six
Silver bullion bars

Silver is one of the most versatile metals on earth, with a unique combination of uses both as a precious and industrial metal.

Today, silver’s uses span many modern technologies, including solar panels, electric vehicles, and 5G devices. However, the uses of silver in currency, medicine, art and jewelry have helped advance civilization, trade and technology for thousands of years.

Up for discussion: The uses of silver over time; 3,000 BC – the Middle Ages; the 1800s – 2000s; the 2000s- present; and silver for the future.

Silver has always been useful to industries and technologies due to its unique properties, from its antibacterial nature to high electrical conductivity. Today, it is critical for the next generation of renewable energy technologies.

For every age, silver proves its value.

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