Why Gold Prices Have Been Underperforming??? | Nick Barisheff

Why Gold Prices Have Been Underperforming… | Nick Barisheff

Why Gold Prices Have Been Underperforming???| Nick Barisheff | BMG

Nick Barisheff sat down with Eliot Molling, The Early Stage Investor to discuss why gold and silver have been underperforming the broader stock market and more:

00:00 Intro
00:20 – Is Real Estate in a Bubble?
7:50 – Where is Inflation?
10:37 – Why have gold and silver underperformed the broader stock market??
13:24 – Physical versus paper gold
14:56 – When and how will paper price suppression end?
18:59 – Is there no replacement for Silver?
20:43 – The road to $10K per ounce gold and hyperinflation
24:05 – Are miners undervalued and when to buy ithem?
26:04 – Portfolio allocation between silver and gold
29:16 – Where to learn more?

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