Why Gold Prices Have Been Underperforming??? | Nick Barisheff

Why Gold Prices Have Been Underperforming… | Nick Barisheff

Why Gold Prices Have Been Underperforming???| Nick Barisheff | BMG

Nick Barisheff sat down with Eliot Molling, The Early Stage Investor to discuss why gold and silver have been underperforming the broader stock market and more:

00:00 Intro
00:20 – Is Real Estate in a Bubble?
7:50 – Where is Inflation?
10:37 – Why have gold and silver underperformed the broader stock market??
13:24 – Physical versus paper gold
14:56 – When and how will paper price suppression end?
18:59 – Is there no replacement for Silver?
20:43 – The road to $10K per ounce gold and hyperinflation
24:05 – Are miners undervalued and when to buy ithem?
26:04 – Portfolio allocation between silver and gold
29:16 – Where to learn more?

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  1. Larry Teatero

    Would you mind directing me to any of Nick’s videos or articles on how an ETF works? In particular the counter-party risk. Do all ETFs work the same way whether they claim to hold gold or stocks? It seems clear to me the advantage of the mutual fund that has physical allocated and segregated tittle, just would like something to show my friends to educate them. Thank You.

  2. Monica Gaudet

    Hi Larry – thank you for your question. Here are the articles written by Nick that will answer if not all, most of your questions:

    The Illusion of Owning Gold
    Do You Own Your Gold?
    Unallocated Gold Storage Or Accounts: Avoid This Risk When Buying Gold

    Hopefully, these will assist you in talking with your friends. If not, we can definitely provide you with more if need be or even a chat with Nick directly.

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