The Company


BMG Group Inc. (BMG) is dedicated to offering secure, efficient, and transparent avenues for acquiring and storing physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion, enabling genuine wealth preservation and comprehensive portfolio diversification.

Our Culture

Established in 2002, BMG was founded by Nick Barisheff, a pioneer in the field of precious metals investment. Nick’s persistent efforts over several years culminated in the inception of Canada’s inaugural bullion fund.

Presently, the organization boasts a history spanning more than two decades marked by principled leadership, while adherence to ethical standards is ensured through collaborations with the industry’s most reputable business entities.

BMG is the parent of BMG Management Services Inc., (BMS or the Manager) of the BMG Funds.

Each of the BMG Funds operates as a trust established under Ontario’s legal framework by BMS. The custody of the BMG Funds is entrusted to RBC Investor Services Trust, operating as RBC Investor & Treasury Services (RBC I&TS), with oversight from the Royal Canadian Mint (the Mint) and designated sub-custodians, including Brink’s Canada Limited (collectively referred to as Brinks), all under the purview of the custodian. Additionally, RSM Canada LLP serves as our auditors.

BMG also serves as the parent company of Bullion Custodial Services Inc., overseeing the BullionBars program that facilitates titled ownership of physical bullion. This program extends global LBMA storage choices, catering to high-net-worth individuals seeking transparent and secure ownership of allocated storage for their bullion holdings.

BMG was one of the first precious metals bullion management companies in Canada to become an Affiliate Member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Guardians of Gold

The Gryphon Story
Legend has it that gryphons, driven by instinct to seek out treasure, roamed the Caucasus Mountains in search of gold and precious stones. They would dig up these riches with their powerful talons and build their nests of gold.

Gryphon | BMG Corporate LogoThe gryphons were ever vigilant, protecting their nests and keeping thieves away, thus developing a reputation for being the guardians of gold.

Legends about this mythical creature with the head, talons and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion date back to 3,300 BC, when a gryphon was chosen as companion to the Egyptian Pharaoh. Known for centuries as a symbol of strength and vigilance, today the gryphon embodies the spirit of BMG.