BMG Group Inc.'s Products

BMG Group Inc. (BMG) is proud to offer our clients a variety of options for purchasing physical precious metals prodBMG is proud to offer a wide range of bullion products and purchasing optionslucts. Our BullionBars™ program allows investors to choose from coins or Good Delivery bars in gold, silver and platinum, stored in LBMA-member vaults with worldwide, multi-location storage options. Our BMG Mutual Funds are ideally suited for balancing your portfolio with physical precious metals. The Funds are open-end mutual funds and are a practical way of owning pure, physical bullion without the  compromise presented when buying paper gold such as certificates, futures contracts or options. Whichever BMG products you choose, you can have the peace of mind that only pure precious metals bullion ownership can provide.

BMG Mutual Funds

BMG Mutual Funds are all open-end mutual fund trusts that provide a cost-effective and convenient method of owning precious metals bullion without compromising any of the fundamental attributes of bullion, which are: absolute liquidity, no counterparty risk and no reliance on management skills.  No derivatives, futures contracts, options or certificates are used in BMG Mutual Funds. BMG Mutual Funds are an ideal way to balance your portfolio with physical gold, silver and platinum bullion.  Contact your financial advisor today and ask for the portfolio protection and wealth preservation offered by BMG Mutual Funds.

BMG BullionFund
BMG BullionFund is the world’s first and only open-end mutual fund trust that purchases equal dollar amounts of physical gold, silver and platinum bullion.

BMG Gold BullionFund
BMG Gold BullionFund is an open-end mutual fund trust that purchases gold bullion.

BMG Silver BullionFund
BMG Silver BullionFund is an open-end mutual fund trust that purchases silver bullion.

BMG Diversified Hedge Fund

Launched in October 2019, the BMG Diversified Hedge Fund will seek to achieve long-term capital growth and income, and will aim to surpass the Canadian Balanced Fund Index. BMG’s Diversified Hedge Fund is designed to take advantage of a major market correction in the global financial markets through a unique two-stage investment strategy.

BMG BullionBars™

BMG Physical Bullion

Good Delivery Gold, Silver and Platinum Bars and Gold, Silver and Platinum Maple Leaf Coins.

Launched in 2008, the BMG BullionBars™ program allows clients worldwide, through the use of a unique, secure and transparent process, to easily purchase and store individual bars of investment-grade Good Delivery gold, silver and platinum bullion, and 1-ounce gold, silver and platinum Maple Leaf coins. The 1-ounce silver Maple Leaf coins can be purchased in monster boxes of 500; 1-ounce gold Maple Leaf coins in tubes of ten or boxes of fifty tubes; and  1-ounce platinum Maple Leaf coins in tubes of ten. Worldwide storage is available in LBMA-member vaults by the custodian of the Royal Canadian Mint (the Mint) and certain sub-custodians of the Mint, including Brink’s Canada Limited (collectively with its global affiliates, Brinks).

To learn more about owning and storing Good Delivery gold, silver and platinum bullion and Canadian Gold,  Silver  and Platinum Maple Leaf coins, please visit BMG BullionBars™, or contact us at 1.888.474.1001.