BMG Group Inc. sees great risk and great opportunity in the current global financial markets and as such, the BMG Diversified Hedge Fund will seek to achieve long-term capital growth and income, and will aim to surpass the Canadian Balanced Fund Index. BMG’s Diversified Hedge Fund is designed to take advantage of a major market correction in the global financial markets through a unique two-stage investment strategy.

BMG’s Market View

  1. The global financial and real estate markets are overvalued and a substantial market correction is inevitable.
  2. The best place to be invested while awaiting the market correction is gold bullion, because gold bullion has a low correlation to other asset classes and has historically appreciated during broad market corrections.
  3. A properly structured and timed transition into the best-of-the-best performing funds across four asset classes – equities, fixed income, real estate, gold and silver bullion – will significantly improve yields and capital appreciation over a broad and sustained market recovery with low levels of volatility.
  4. Investment management advice and analysis will assist in optimizing the calling of the bottom of the market in connection with the global market correction.

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