US Doesn’t Have The Gold It Purports to Have – Nick Barisheff

You can have a debt jubilee fairly easy and it’s happened before.You just have a major currency reset. What used to be $10 is now $1 and the debt has gone down accordingly and problem solved.

To some extent, although the US likely doesn’t have the gold they purport to have, but if you were to reprice the gold at market value, then that puts a dent into the US debt position. That gold, I’m convinced, is in China. ~Nick Barisheff for The Daily Coin

With year end just a few days away I wanted to sit down with Mr Barisheff and get his take on what’s happening with the coming year in gold. The market is moving in a number of directions and it’s good to speak with someone, like Nick Barisheff, that has a vast knowledge of where we stand, how we got here and get his take on what’s around the corner.

As the Founder and CEO of BMG-Group Mr. Barisheff has been part of a great many changes in the gold and silver markets. His knowledge stretches back far enough that it allows him a great window to peer through for future steps. Mr. Barisheff is not a fortune-teller, a mystic and he doesn’t offer promises of things to come. No, he discusses what has happened combines it with what is currently happening and makes decisions for tomorrow based on these two elements. With the luxury of history the future tends to reveal itself as the days go by.

When China makes an announcement, because their buying (gold) through the sovereign wealth fund, when they announce the sovereign wealth fund has transferred the gold to the central bank  and China has 8,000 tons. The question is going to be – where did they get the 8,000 tons from? ~Nick Barisheff for The Daily Coin

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