Silver Squeeze Status — SLV, COMEX Updates | Nick Barisheff

Silver Squeeze Status — SLV, COMEX Updates | Nick Barisheff

Nick Barisheff was interviewed by Charlotte McLeod of Investing News Network and as silver surged into mainstream headlines in late January as the “silver squeeze” narrative took hold, they discuss what’s happened to the white metal in the weeks since then? Nick said the story is still alive and well.

In his view, there are two key points that silver-focused investors should be aware of. “I think the thing that people should understand (is) there’s two components — there’s the difficulty of getting silver for the SLV and also the COMEX,” he explained.

0:00​ – Intro
0:22​ – Potential silver problems on the COMEX
1:56​ – Can SLV get the silver that it needs?
5:30​ – What investors need to know about ETFs
8:00​ – Fair prices for silver and gold right now
11:13​ – Silver’s long-term price potential
14:30​ – Is a silver squeeze really in the cards?
16:41​ – Outro

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