Small Business Extinction, Walking Dead Bonds & Golden Solutions

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Matthew Piepenburg

Regardless of your views on the most realistic means of balancing human risk with economic risk, we would surely all agree that Covid-19 has both revealed and accelerated critical (and pre-existing) fissures in the financial landscape.

Small Business Extinction, Walking Dead Bonds & Golden Solutions | BullionBuzz | Nick's Top Six
Businesses boarded up in downtown Los Angeles in preparation of riots and protestors.

The sacred tenets of free-market price discovery, fair-play capitalism and faith in elite policy guidance have all seen a dramatic fall from grace.

Nowhere is this fall (and its staggering implications) more obvious than within the undeniable demise of US small businesses and the Frankenstein-like profile of a walking-dead bond market.

Up for discussion: Small businesses in the US—endangered to the point of extinction; the comical profile of fair-play American capitalism; survival of the biggest; Covid and the lopsided race to the bottom and top; more proof of a rigged track; ETFs—magical oats for the thoroughbreds; unfair access to cash; tax advantages, too; monopoly money, monopoly powers; giving life to growth-sucking zombies; rigged to fail—the corporate bond market; and the dominos fall towards physical gold.

Looking forward, we can expect an outpouring of increased money creation and futile liquidity measures to save drowning enterprises that are already technically lifeless.

Such hyper-liquidity/money creation by definition means inflation, which means further debasement of the dollar and other major currencies.

Those who want to preserve their wealth will be looking to real money that stands the test of time, can’t be replicated, hacked, duplicated or distorted. In short, all roads lead to physical gold.

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