Missing Out on A 10-year Bull Market Is A Tragedy

 The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Zach Scheidt

Investors are disenchanted with gold right now, which has caused it to trade lower, stagnating near its current price of around $1,225 per ounce. Many people think that gold has no practical purpose, costs money to store, and is an archaic relic with no place in the modern financial world. The truth is that gold has historically been a reliable storage of wealth, and a is a great way to protect your wealth against inflation. With inflation picking up again, and so many people looking for ways to protect their wealth from a falling market, this is ammunition to drive the price of gold higher.

In order for a given market to begin its bull run, it must pass through key tests. In the case of gold, the US dollar has been strong over the past six months, and a strong dollar should make it tougher for the gold price to rise because it typically takes fewer ‘strong’ dollars to buy an ounce of gold. That is not what is happening. Instead, gold is passing the test, moving higher as investors look to this area of the market for protection.

Missing Out on A 10-year Bull Market Is A Tragedy | BullionBuzz

Considering that it’s been seven years since gold’s last bull market ended, we’re definitely overdue for a bull market. With so many investors looking for ways to protect and preserve their wealth, Scheidt expects the next gold bull market to last a long time and to move a long way.

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