Many Dangers of Owning GLD and SLV ETFs | Nick Barisheff

Many Dangers of Owning GLD SLV ETFs | Nick Barisheff | BMG

Gold Silver Pros‘ Robert Kientz had the opportunity to talk again to Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of BMG Group Inc., and discussed Nick’s article, “The Illusion of Owning Gold,” which is about ETFs, GLD and SLV. It has valuable information for people who want to invest in gold and silver. Nick explained one of the big topics in the article – how ETFs don’t have to follow all the financial regulations of the mutual fund. He also talked about what the Custodian is for GLD and SLV, who they are, and what the risks are from their perspective. The article makes you see the weaknesses of ETF investments compared to others. They also discussed the effects of ETFs on the market, such as the real demand for gold.

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