Stockman: The Fed’s Unleashed “Speculation and Malinvestment On a Biblical Scale”

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by International Man

Doug Casey interviews David Stockman at a time when massive riots have broken out in many cities across the US. Yet despite the unrest—and the economic damage from the shutdowns—the stock market continues to rally.

Stockman: The Feds Unleashed Speculation and Malinvestment On a Biblical Scale | BullionBuzz
Crowd of protesters people. Silhouettes of people with banners and megaphones.
Concept of revolution or protest.

Stockman discusses the Fed’s unleashing of the greatest torrent of liquidity ever finding its way into risk assets; how the riots and shutdowns will affect Main Street; and how the attitudes of the Republican and Democratic governors are likely to affect the presidential election.

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