Time to Go Defensive – Reasons

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Eelco Robert Lodewijks

“I think it is a time to become defensive with your investment portfolio, since equity markets are likely to experience at least a +30% drop between now and October 2019. For example, it is better Time to Go Defensive - Reasons | BullionBuzzto make a little less in the next 15 months than to lose 30%+ of your portfolio. If gold breaks above $1,400 in the next few months, it also may be prudent to put some money in gold.”

Lodewijks goes through introductory notes, 22 reasons why equity markets are likely to crash sooner rather than later, and 5 suggestions for a defensive portfolio. He also posts charts by Advisor Perspectives, Jesse Felder, John Mauldin, and one of 10-year Treasuries.

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