Dr. Marco Metzler: Evergrande Missed Second Past-Due Interest Payment in a Week—Is Bankrupt—Could Drag Down Real Estate Sector/HSBC & World Financial System

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Stan Szymanski

Dr. Marco Metzler says that the past-due interest payment on China Evergrande Group’s bonds that was reportedly paid could not be confirmed. He says that a second payment ($47.5 million) allegedly made by Evergrande has not been paid, once again contradicting mainstream media reports.

Evergrande Missed Second Past-Due Interest Payment in a Week - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
Past Due and Urgent stamps.

Should the Evergrande insolvency drag down not only China’s real estate sector but the entire economy, there will likely be bankruptcies of international banks—such as HSBC, fears Dr. Metzler.

There has been no official confirmation of any payment of interest by Hong Kong banks, said Metzler. A recent report in the Financial Times concurs. Dr. Metzler says that no one replied to their inquiries regarding confirmation of payment to creditors by Evergrande.

“Thus, the bankruptcy has apparently already technically occurred,” said Metzler.

Since the rest of the financial media is not telling the truth about the interest-paying ability of Evergrande, and reporting that the company has made payments when they have not, Szymanski is inclined to believe Dr. Metzler, who has correctly analyzed the situation and told the truth.

“The Great Reset—the final meltdown of the current global financial system—has long since ceased to be a purely intellectual thought experiment,” concludes Dr. Metzler. Indeed. ‘Concluding’ the financial system is just what Evergrande is apparently in the gestational stages of.

Why does this matter? The ability of people to discern the truth of this situation and to act upon it in time to protect themselves and survive the coming financial reset is paramount. Obtaining sufficient amounts of food, water, shelter, energy, security and precious metals will be the stuff that matters on the other side of the reestablishment of a new financial system.

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