Killer Chinese Coronavirus And Colloidal Silver

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Steve Barwick

Barwick examines the coronavirus to see if we have anything to worry about, and then he looks at the growing body of evidence for using colloidal silver if a pandemic develops.

Killer Chinese Coronavirus And Colloidal Silver | BullionBuzz
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The western news media assures us the world is about to end and that the coronavirus, which normally infects snakes, mice and bats, is going to be the culprit.

We can also conclude that the news media’s take is likely designed to ramp up public acceptance for the coming coronavirus vaccine.

We’ve learned that while colloidal silver has not yet been tested against the coronavirus, it has indeed been demonstrated in medical studies to be effective against other coronaviruses, such as the SARS coronavirus.

This has led natural health experts to proclaim that silver should be equally effective against newly developing coronaviruses, as well.

We’ve also seen that a Japanese chemical conglomerate operating out of Europe has patented a technique for using silver ions to stop the spread of coronaviruses on touch surfaces such as doorknobs, toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, etc.

And we’ve seen that a medical retrospective of studies on the subject of silver’s effectiveness against viruses has led researchers to believe that colloidal silver would indeed be effective against modern-day plague viruses, such as the coronaviruses.

Berwick discusses what he will do if the coronavirus takes hold in the US: drink an ounce of colloidal silver up to four times a day; nebulize colloidal silver three or four times a day for five minutes at a time; use a pump bottle to spray surfaces with colloidal silver—kitchen countertops, sinks, toilets, doorknobs, etc; get plenty of bed rest, and drink plenty of fluids, as per any other upper respiratory viral infection.

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  1. Canadian

    For those who do not believe in colloidal or nano-silver, here is a simple test anyone can do to test it’s efficiency: Take 2 small pieces of red meat and 2 glasses of milk, put colloidal silver in one of each, and nothing in the other one, then check it every day and see what happens. It DOES kill germs!
    Please do not listen to the fear mongering and disinformation from the mainstream media and the medical cartels who would much rather see you die than to be cured for free.

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