CFTC Position Limits vs JPMorgan’s RICO Silver COMEX Hoard

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by J. Handers

The CFTC has made their fourth attempt at passing into financial law position limits on 25 commodities derivatives and futures contracts.

CFTC Position Limits vs JPMorgan's RICO Silver COMEX Hoard | BullionBuzz
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These are financialized proxies that most often dictate price discovery for real physical monetary and precious commodities like COMEX silver/gold or NYMEX palladium, platinum; or softer commodities like sugar, coffee, crude oil, etc.

The CFTC has recently proposed commodity position limits of up to 25% of the deliverable supply of each commodity.

This latest CFTC move has failed several times over the last decade. The reason courts threw out past attempts is shrouded by the fact that major financial institutions and commercial banks have been filing lawsuits and stonewalling these ongoing position limit efforts.

One has only to take a cursory look at the fractionally reserved COMEX silver bullion warehouse market share to see that JPMorgan has been dominant there since 2011. Now, JPMorgan is the silver fractional reserve custodian of over 50% of the entire COMEX silver registered and deliverable bullion pile.

What percentage of this silver bullion is their clients’, and what belongs to their house account, is unknown.

Also unknown is whether this dominant physical COMEX silver warehouse position will be in violation, or is the CFTC going to be told to pound sand yet again by the most systematically too-big-to-fail bank of the land.

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  1. Charlie Solender

    Does anybody remember Brooksley Borne?
    I think she was the last one who tried to play fair?
    We have real moral issues disregarding just weights and measures along with a clear view of what is backing anything. Someday God will bring this down on the fraudulent liars.

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