Here is Why Gold Could Rise Above $7,000 an Ounce

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Charlie Morris

Gold is in a bull market, and Morris suggests that a bullish target for $7,166 is both logical and plausible. In this article, he discusses how inflation could take hold again; laying the foundations for the epic gold bull market of the 2020s; a rising gold premium; and inflation doesn’t matter in the short term – but it really matters in the long run.

Here is Why Gold Could Rise Above $7,000 an Ounce | BullionBuzz
Gold bars close up

In conclusion he writes: “So there you have it. A rational case for a gold bull market with a logical outcome of $7,166 by 2030. The margin for error is wide of course, but it makes sense to me.”

“The beauty of having a target is that it makes you think. And the beauty of having a model is that it enables you to continuously rethink your target. I may of course revise it, come the next issue – but that’s what the model is for.”

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