Unfolding Pension Collapse – Gold / Silver Update | Nick Barisheff

Unfolding Pension Collapse Gold Silver Update | Nick Barisheff

We learned earlier today the U.S. West Point Mint, which produces the gold Buffalo coins and American Gold Eagle coins is set to reopen. This is good news, but on the other side of the coin the Australian Perth Mint, which is a refinery as well as mint, explained they are getting “decimated” at the retail level for coins, bars and rounds.

Around the world we are seeing uprisings, economic collapse and a sense of unease that may be unprecedented in human history. Uprising are one thing, global uprisings are completely different. Are the satanic globalist prepared for such an event? Will it happen or will the people simply walk out of their homes and go back to work? Time is only way we will know what happens.

Rory Hall, The Daily Coin sat down with Nick Barisheff to ask about what he sees in the midst of all the global chaos. Mr Barisheff, along with Wolf Richter, are the only two people to currently have an eye on the real estate market. Rory has explained to his wife the Air BNB market is going to get crushed and the flood of homes and condos from that situation is going to be breath taking. Where they live, the housing market is absolutely flooded with Air BNB real estate and the coming collapse in the housing market is something everyone should be watching. It will spread quicker than the “virus” and kill a great many more people.

With Nick owning a gold bullion company Rory felt it would be a crime not to ask about what is happening in the physical gold market from his perspective. Mr Barisheff has a different view than other bullion companies as he deals in 1,000 ounce silver bars and 400 ounce gold bars.

West Point Mint Reopens (Video)

There is a lot happening in our world today and this is very timely with all the movement happening around the world in the gold and oil markets and the collapsing economy.

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