Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article Jim Willie

Last year was a memorable year of great transitions. There were changes in the political arena, and there were enormous changes in the debt picture, for both the US government and for western corporations.

Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold | BullionBuzz

There was an effort to terminate the QE bond monetization, laced with hyper-inflation. There was resistance to the US-led bully tactics in slapping sanctions on US allies. The globalist agenda has been dealt a powerful damaging blow.

The transitions offered a shift away from the perception of US military full-spectrum dominance. But the most important changes have come in the finance and economic sectors. The gold standard is on the path of implementation and acceptance. The path is built by the Eastern nations, which will continue to champion financial reform, and wrest global control from New York and London. History is being made, and momentum is gathering.

The common theme of all the leading factors is movement away from the US dollar, a theme so widespread that it has been given a name: de-dollarization. In the next year, even the Wall Street bank community will openly discuss the fact that gold must be the solution to the unresolved crisis.

Up for discussion: US government debt volume is over $22 trillion; gold was the best-performing asset in 2018; the US military is in retreat on a global basis; Saudi Arabia breaks ranks from official US support; the potential failure of Western banks and financial firms; the Belt & Road Initiative is blossoming; Rosneft Oil Cartel emerges to fill the OPEC void; rising price inflation; the rise of global trade outside the US dollar (de-dollarization); and the exposure of the global banker cabal.

Willie also addresses forecast directions for 2019; the bank stock index update; the global subprime bond; and a systemic Lehman event in the future.

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