Gold Price Forecast: The Next Bubble Will Be in Gold

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by AG Thorson

Asset bubbles are a repeating theme (i.e., Tesla, Bitcoin). Thorson’s work supports a bubble in gold and precious metals later this decade, and he explores the various aspects of a bubble and how to prepare.

Gold Price Forecast: The Next Bubble Will Be in Gold | BullionBuzz
A part of a gold coin weighing 1 troy ounce.

There are three ingredients often associated with bubbles: a disruptive force that triggers speculation; a believable story that gains mass appeal; and widespread adoption along with the fear of missing out.

Up for discussion: disruptive forces (a global currency crisis, continued money printing, a new monetary system); the velocity of money (inflation and supply shortages); physical bullion coins (finding them could become difficult due to demand shock); when to sell (timing the top of a bubble); and how to prepare (a long-term accumulation strategy versus trading volatile markets).

Conclusion: “I think gold prices will enter a bubble later this decade—it probably won’t be until after 2024, so you have time to prepare. Consider physical metals, and try to reduce stress.”

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