“They Know What’s Going to Happen”—Governments, Big Banks Are Stockpiling Gold

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Marc Salvo

Major financial institutions across the world are warning about the economic disaster to come. Unabated money printing, tariff trade wars, rising interest rates and retail slowdowns point to one result, and it will be brutal.

“They Know What’s Going to Happen”—Governments, Big Banks Are Stockpiling Gold | BullionBuzzBig banks and governments know what’s coming, and they are preparing for this eventuality by stockpiling huge amounts of ‘real money’ ahead of the crisis.

According to Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver and chairman of First Mining Gold, the cartels he’s reported to the CFTC have continued to manipulate the prices of precious metals while loading up their own vaults with gold and silver.

Neumeyer explained that not only are there monetary factors at play, but also supply issues, as production, especially in silver, has dropped markedly over the last several years.

All of this bodes well for rising precious metals prices going forward, with reasonable estimates for future growth far exceeding the all-time highs we saw in recent years.

Financial analysts and large institutions have generally avoided gold and silver for nearly a decade. But the tide appears to be changing.

As prices remain suppressed, government and big banks are acquiring, and even Morgan Stanley recently noted that gold can be used as a “very good proxy of the true value of a dollar over long periods of time.”

Economic collapse on a massive scale is approaching. To know where one should be diversifying assets in this worst-case scenario, one need only ask the following question: What is money when the system collapses?

Five thousand years of history for the single most reliable monetary asset class of last resort has already given us the answer: gold. Prepare accordingly.

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