These Are The ‘Good Old Days’

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Chris Martenson

Bill was 48 when his wife stunned him with a request for divorce. He’d poured his energy into his work to provide a comfortable life for his wife and children, but his marriage fell apart while Bill wasn’t paying attention at home. He’d taken his wife for granted and had not been present for the most important people in his life.

These Are The ‘Good Old Days’ | BullionBuzz
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Bill’s loss serves as a reminder that, with all that’s awry in the world, it’s easy to gripe about everything that’s going wrong. There are many trends that are on the wrong trajectory, but this tumultuous period of history also affords each of us the fantastic opportunity to contribute positively to the new future that’s on the way.

This article is an invitation to be grateful for what you have, and to notice just how wonderful our current lifestyle truly is. It won’t, however, remain that way.

We live in a time of peak abundance and technological miracles. It’s never been easier or more comfortable to be alive.

On nearly every dimension—longevity, access to food and shelter, personal safety, leisure time, intellectual pursuits, technological advancements—no previous generation has enjoyed the excesses and luxuries that we do.

Up for discussion: The good old days; too many people, too little energy; don’t be like Bill; and what happens next.

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