Bridgewater Co-CIO: The Market Is “Very, Very Dangerous”

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Tyler Durden

In January 2020, Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio warned that cash is trash, suggesting investors should diversify into gold.  A year later, the billionaire warned that investing in UST bonds (and most financial assets) has become stupid.

Bridgewater Co-CIO: The Market Is “Very, Very Dangerous” | BullionBuzz | Nick's Top Six
Businessman hand placing or pulling red wooden block on the tower. Dangerous times concept.

Last month, Dalio warned that the US could be perceived as a place that is inhospitable to capitalism and capitalists under the Democrats, and his firm got behind Bitcoin as a store of wealth.

So, no cash; no bonds; buy gold, buy Bitcoin… and now  Bridgewater’s co-chief investment officer Greg Jensen has warned investors that parts of the US equity market are in a bubble, but shorting too early is the easiest place to die for an investor.

Jensen joined Bloomberg’s “What Goes Up” podcast, attached here, to discuss the Federal Reserve meeting and how ample liquidity from the central bank, combined with a booming economic rebound, make conditions ripe for markets to get more bubbly.

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