The Hard Truth

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Chris Martenson

It’s easy to get sucked into the mini dramas playing out across our TV/computer screens. However, if we set these distractions aside, it’s apparent that something is going on. And it’s not positive.

The Hard Truth | BullionBuzz
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It’s a complex story with lots of moving pieces and it takes a bit of effort to puzzle it all out, but more and more people are arriving at the same conclusion: Something is going to break.

To resolve the dots into a coherent picture, we need to take two giant steps back and take in the whole canvas.

The Cliff notes version is this: The numbers just don’t add up. Big changes are underway. Specifically, the unsustainable cogs in the global economy are slowly grinding to a halt.

Up for discussion: Growth; the economy and energy; connecting the dots; the vital role of hard assets like gold and silver; and precious metals as protection for family.

“A core position in gold and silver—physical gold and silver, not ETFs or miners—is an essential part of that strategy. It’s the durable insurance fund that a financial fire cannot destroy. If you love your family and you take the role of providing and protecting seriously, gold and silver are a critical ‘must have’ in your holdings.”

“We strongly advise that any money you have in the financial markets…be managed by people who understand these many risks and actively manage for the future you think is coming.”

This isn’t doom and gloom. It’s just reality. However, as has been historically true, reality isn’t popular with the masses. That’s why so much opportunity exists.

To see it, you just have to take two giant steps back to understand the larger picture.

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