Storm Warning

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by James Howard Kunstler

The US has gone so crazy in these months of Covid-19 that an orgy of looting, arson and murder, on top of epic job losses and business failure, has propelled the stock markets to near-record highs.

Storm Warning | BullionBuzz
Storm ahead – street sign

The market has come down a little, but don’t worry. The Fed will make another announcement that it’s going to do something or other and presto, the market will be off to the races again.

In the background of these weeks of protests, riots, looting and arson is the disintegrating economy, which signifies that almost no one will be able to carry on as usual.

Up for discussion: reduced living standards; piling on more debt; commerce vanishing from cities; possible civil and social collapse prior to the election; and beware the 4th of July.

Events are rushing ahead at a pace you can barely follow. Summer is underway and why, now, would you expect any lessening in civil disorders?

There are hints of a return to Covid-19 lockdown condition, but no one will follow that when the temperature tops ninety degrees.

Meanwhile, the devastation of small business, careers, livelihoods, households and futures continues.

Take measures to protect your own future. Think about finding a place to live where the rule of law perseveres. Think about how you might fit into an economy run at a smaller scale. Start taking action on that thinking.

There’s potential for a lot of people to get hurt in the disorders-to-come. There’s plenty you can do to not be one of them.

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