Silver’s Biggest Gains Starting Now

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by David Morgan

David discusses the saying, “Ninety percent of the move comes in the last ten percent of the time,” and why that seems to ring true.

Silver’s Biggest Gains Starting Now | BullionBuzz | Nick's Top Six
Two pieces of silver bullion; Canadian silver Maple Leafs

Physical demand in 2020 for silver from ETFs has been unprecedented, and the gold/silver ratio has also outperformed. Silver should continue to outpace gold, and David expects this bull run to continue for another two or three years.

David explains how silver is both a commodity and a monetary asset in times of crisis. Today’s environment of excessive money printing and debt creation is an excellent time for it to outperform. When contrasted with the base money supply, you can establish some high price targets. Silver remains an essential industrial commodity in the modern world.

David discusses the supply-demand picture for silver and how it has been gradually changing. He believes the dual demand profile and the many useful applications for silver will drive the market. He also discusses Bitcoin and why swapping some profits for silver may be a good idea.

Anything vital, like energy and food, will likely cost more as inflation unfolds. Investor psychology and concerns regarding government policies will drive money velocity.

Everyone should have a core physical silver position, and for those who want extra leverage, they should look at miners.

“People won’t believe it, but in inflation-adjusted terms, silver remains near all-time lows.”

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