Silver Returning to Monetary System?

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by David Morgan

Silver has been money for longer than gold, and silver has created more wealth for individuals than gold. The word ‘silver’ translates, in many languages around Silver Returning to Monetary System? | BullionBuzzthe world, to ‘money.’ Silver is the peoples’ money. It is beautiful, necessary and, above all else, money. Silver was part of the US monetary system until 1873.

Anyone currently involved with precious metals knows that the paper silver and gold markets, operated by the COMEX and LBMA, determine the global price for the physical markets. Over the past year it has been proven that the precious metals markets have been rigged. Two class action lawsuits and two civil cases were brought against Deutsche Bank for rigging the gold and silver markets, and it was found guilty.

The advances in financial technology have demonstrated the people no longer need the banking system, or the credit rating system, or the financial system. Crowd funding, blockchain technology and peer-to-peer services will culminate in the elimination of these criminal, rigged systems.

Morgan discusses how new technology will allow people to work around the current system and reintroduce silver to the monetary system without the need, or permission, of the current system. We simply walk away, turn our backs and take back our wealth.

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