Silver Price Forecast: Breakout Ahead This Fall

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Christopher Aaron

There is a big opportunity setting up in the silver market.

Silver Price Forecast: Breakout Ahead This Fall | BullionBuzz
Investment and saving concept , Double exposure of businessman holding investment graph chart with silver coins stacking.

With global inflation reaching levels not seen in 13 years, markets are concerned with ever-rising prices. It seems that everywhere we look, prices for the things that we need to live (food, energy, housing) are increasing.

One way to protect yourself from rising inflation is by investing in tangible assets, which will at least keep pace with inflation over the long run, and quite possibly outperform it.

What is one such tangible asset? The age-old form of money: Silver.

Up for discussion: Silver rises in inflationary cycles; silver’s ascending triangle consolidation; how low for silver; upside potential; timing the breakout; and takeaway on the silver market.

“Silver is within a mid-cycle consolidation after the strong advance of 2020 saw prices rise by nearly 150%. This consolidation represents a pause before the next major advance commences. Inflation concerns are just beginning to be discussed amongst mainstream investors here in the US and around the world. When the average citizen begins to realize how inflation is taking a toll on his standard of living, they will take shelter by diversifying out of US dollars and into tangible assets.”

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