Radio GoldSeek Interview with Nick Barisheff

Summary of Interview Discussion:

  • Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, South Africa and Turkey could become the norm throughout the global financial world.
  • Eventually the financial plague will infect the entire $300 trillion in global stocks / bonds markets and impact even North America.
  • Margin debt is 50% higher than just before the 2008 Great Recession that could result in sudden / violent and catastrophic market losses / financial chaos.
  • With only $1.8 trillion of investment grade gold available, a global currency crisis is inevitable.
  • If only 5% of the $300 trillion in paper assets is directed to gold, $15 trillion could flood the tiny $1.8 trillion PMs sector resulting in $10,000+ gold.
  • Several BRICS nations are inoculating their currencies from the systemic financial infection.
  • China and Russia continue to stockpile PMs including silver in Moscow, in preparation for a global currency pandemic.
  • Nick cites research suggesting peak gold is occurring just when supply is most needed.
  • Even an enormous new find would require decades to positively impact supply levels.
  • Once panic grips the financial markets the 5% gold allocation could exceed 10-20% or higher sending the yellow metal price north of $30,000 per ounce.
  • One candidate for an alternative reserve currency is the Yuan that is convertible to gold, better facilitating crude oil / commerce transactions.
  • BMG has identified a triple bubble in stocks / bonds / residential housing, where current share valuations mirror those of the 1929 peak.
  • The risk of missing further gains in US equities pales in comparison with the potential risk of loss.
  • Nick Barisheff questions how markets will respond amid bear market conditions, given the less than robust activity during the current bull market.
  • The World Gold Council announced that gold production has peaked.
  • Mines can no longer produce enough output to increase the supply, but only add to dwindling stockpiles.
  • Potential gains in the comparably small $1 trillion PMs market could startle even the most ardent gold aficionado as investors, institutions, pension funds, hedge funds and even governments seek safe-haven assets.

As originally posted on Radio GoldSeek

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