Canadian Periodic Table of Investment (Updated 2023 YTD) – Chart of the Week

This week’s Periodic Table of Investment has been updated from 1974 to 2023 YTD. The Periodic Table of Investment Returns depicts annual returns for key asset classes, ranked from best to worst performance for each calendar year.

The investment universe is vast, but it’s also made up of many smaller moving pieces.

For serious investors, the foundation of the discipline is to understand the properties of these individual components, and to have them work in harmony to achieve a specific portfolio goal.

To do this successfully, one must understand the breadth of asset classes, tactics, and categories of investments that exist – and to know how they relate to one another.

Canadian Periodic Table of Investment (Updated 2023 YTD) - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six - Chart of the Week

Source:; Ycharts;; BMG Group Inc.

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