How Inflation Changes Culture

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Jeffrey Tucker

The midterm elections are over, but nothing has changed. In fact, America’s Biden regime will probably become even more emboldened to pursue destructive economic policies because it will interpret the lack of a Red Wave as some kind of mandate.

How Inflation Changes Culture - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
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Every day seems to be a day of spin, with every regime apologist assuring the public that inflation is getting better. Just look at the wonderful trend line! They point to the latest inflation numbers, which were down a bit from the month prior.

The regime insists that, while inflation will be with us for a little longer, it will settle down in a few months. Plus, the president is working to fix this. And we know the American people are on board with him since no Red Wave materialized in the mid-term elections. Only in the footnotes will you find the truth.

Has any political propaganda on this topic ever been this ineffective? It’s truly a joke.

Up for discussion: Where’s the relief coming from; true prosperity; live for today; the seeds of destruction; the hinge of history; and going backwards.

“We all need hope right now but it’s very difficult to find, since we are on a course that is not likely to be fixed for a very long time.”

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