History Tells Us to Own Gold When Central Banks Run Out of Control

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Egon von Greyerz

It seems that the world experiences more delusions and madness than truth and sanity. The pattern is always the same. The economy is never in equilibrium but moves in cycles of boom and bust. If these cycles were allowed to take their natural course, they would move up and down in a steady rhythm without reaching extremes at the top or bottom.

History Tells Us to Own Gold When Central Banks Run Out of Control | BullionBuzz
Gold Ingot and Coins

Up for discussion: Governments’ prime objective is to be re-elected by buying votes; prices don’t go up—the value of money goes down; the latest panic started in August 2019; the end game is starting; the markets; and gold and silver.

Charlie Morris of Atlantic House Fund Management has written an article published by The Alchemist, and he makes a credible case for $7,000 gold by 2030. Von Greyerz doubts that it will take 10 years to reach that level.

In the next few years, the world will learn that printing money can never create prosperity. That is when the masses will turn to gold and silver. At that point, there will be virtually no physical precious metals to buy at any price.

History tells us that it is imperative to own gold when central banks run out of control. The few who will be lucky enough to find some gold and silver then will need to pay multiples of current prices.

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