Gold, War And A Doomsday Clock Approaching Midnight

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by King World News

The US is at a critical crossroads. It’s been approaching it for years, but recent missteps—specifically, America’s actions vis-à-vis Ukraine and China—have brought it to the edge. And there’s a lot at stake.

Gold, War And A Doomsday Clock Approaching Midnight - BullionBuzz - Nick's Top Six
A classic wall clock show the time. It’s close to 12 o’clock. The latest report of the atomic scientist shows the doomsday clock 100 seconds to twelve. Time is running out for mankind.

America’s actions in Ukraine and its willingness to provoke the Chinese so much that they appear to have rejected moderation in favour of open hostility have backfired, leaving the US in a weakened position. It can choose to continue along this path, splintering the world into two parts with the US and its allies forming by far the smaller part. Or—a much better option—it could decide to cooperate with nations whatever their beliefs and political systems so as to confront the enormous global and existential challenges that face it, all as resource scarcities accelerate. Every misstep it makes narrows the window of choice and makes the consequences of choosing the wrong path more dire.

Up for discussion: A very bad idea goes terribly wrong; Russians continue to roll and will take Odessa soon; gold is the path forward; 30 years of research on gold; and gold, commodities and the cap on 10-year yields.

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