Gold Seek Radio Nugget Interview With Yvonne Blaszczyk - BMG

Gold Seek Radio Nugget – Yvonne Blaszczyk

In this Gold Seek Radio Nugget, Chris Waltzek was thrilled to introduce Yvonne Blaszczyk in her debut on the show. As the newly appointed head of BMG Group Inc., Yvonne brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned board member and accomplished executive with a comprehensive background in corporate management, strategy, governance, finance, human resources, legal compliance, and leading transformative change.

Here are some key insights discussed on the show:

  • The BRICS national block is experiencing exponential growth, challenging the dominance of the reserve currency.
  • BRICS’ oil production capacity has doubled, reaching 40% globally from its initial 20%.
  • A substantial 30% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) originates from the BRICS block.
  • Western officials are strongly encouraged to embrace the BRICS as valuable economic trading partners.
  • Gold has the potential to become the preferred backing for currencies as the BRICS gain global favor.
  • The global economy is facing increased instability due to manipulations in fiat currency.
  • BMG diligently records all bullion bar serial numbers, and clients have the option to personally visit their holdings.
  • GEO-diversification involves strategically storing gold and silver bullion across the globe.
  • Essential for risk mitigation, gold bullion storage diversification, including offshore holdings, helps circumvent domestic issues.
  • The upcoming BRICS summit in January, where new members will be listed, could spark significant movements in precious metals.