Gold: Insurance for The Russian Economy

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by The Daily Coin

When you’re sitting on one of the world’s largest proven oil reserves, you have roughly $107 billion in physical gold, and near-zero debt, life as nation looks pretty good.

Gold: Insurance for The Russian Economy | BullionBuzz

The Russian economy continues to strengthen at every turn. Eliminating debt, acquiring gold and building out manufacturing and agriculture infrastructure that will sustain any nation for generations. Combine this with a military that is building out first-class technology, and you should be getting the attention of world leaders everywhere.

The Chinese government is attempting to do what Russia is doing, but the totalitarian, communist side doesn’t seem to understand respect and dignity. The Chinese economy is backsliding. Part of the problem is that global economic growth is all but dead; another part is the ongoing trade war instituted by the Trump Administration.

Russia is watching all of this, and it simply continues to make moves to ensure that, as the global economic collapse continues to unfold, Russia will be protected. This is the reason for gathering gold hand-over-fist for the past decade—since the 2008 global economic implosion that sparked the greatest economic depression the world has ever seen. The bad news is that the rot is only now beginning to show. Once it is fully exposed, life will change for most of the planet, and especially for those countries with direct ties to the US dollar.

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