Central Bank Hints at A ‘Big Reset’ And Reveals A Possible Solution

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Birch Gold Group

It’s not every day a major financial institution hints at the possibility of the entire economic system collapsing. They generally avoid giving a negative outlook on the economy for fear of triggering a decline. People stampeding to sell stocks and pull money out of banks could cause a vicious cycle of declines and losses.

Central Bank Hints at A ‘Big Reset’ And Reveals A Possible Solution | BullionBuzz
Global reset button

And so these institutions tend to be positive, no matter what is really happening.

But perhaps reality has started to sink in. ZeroHedge captured the state of the system by quoting an article from the Dutch Central Bank:

“An article published by the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), or Dutch Central Bank, has shocked many with its claim that ‘if the system collapses, the gold stock can serve as a basis to build it up again. Gold bolsters confidence in the stability of the central bank’s balance sheet and creates a sense of security.’”

When the DNB, a part of the international banking system, says “if the system collapses,” the obvious question to ask is: Do they think the system will actually collapse?

The DNB is moving about 31% of its gold to a military facility, which is a good move in advance of a financial crisis. And it isn’t the only central bank to move its gold in such a fashion.

With so much gold being repatriated, it begs an important question: Will we get advance warning from the Federal Reserve?

If the system is heading for collapse (the DNB is preparing for it) or a monetary reset was going to be necessary, it would be nice to know in advance so you could prepare. But that’s unlikely to be the case. Without any notice, all you can do is stay informed and get prepared while you still have time.

One hint of things to come is buried in a 23-page speech from Mark Carney, which speaks of creating a synthetic hegemonic currency (SHC) in an effort to end the US dollar’s destabilizing effect as reserve currency.

If use of the SHC becomes widespread , the already-weakening US dollar may lose its place at the top of the reserve currency food chain, and banks may return to a gold-backed monetary system in response.

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