Gold And Silver Prove Once Again, They Go up When Most Everything Goes Down

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by SRSrocco

As the markets sold off on May 23, gold and silver were some of the only assets that remained in the green for the entire day. And what an ugly day it was: The Dow fell 450 points at its low, while the dollar, oil, and shale stocks were clobbered.

Gold And Silver Prove Once Again, They Go up When Most Everything Goes Down | BullionBuzz
“A collection of gold and silver coins and bullion. The words Gold, 999.9 Fine Gold and Fine Silver can be seen.”

There was a late day rally that pushed the markets off their lows, as the Dow only closed down by 286 points. However, the real losers were oil and oil stocks, especially the shale oil stocks.

While most of the market was a sea of red last Thursday, gold and silver enjoyed nice gains. We can see this quite clearly in the chart included, which shows the Dow versus gold and silver. As the Dow fell 400+ points out of the gate, gold and silver did the opposite.

The Dow is displayed by the candlesticks, while the precious metals are shown in gold and blue. The precious metals are doing precisely what they are supposed to, and that is to protect investors while everything else goes south. But this is only a taste of what will be an explosive precious metals rally when the markets get really ugly.

On May 27, we saw the Plunge Protection Team try to push the markets back into the green so Americans could enjoy their Memorial Day holiday. However, after the markets gapped higher, the oil price fell, pulling the shale stocks down again.

Americans need to prepare themselves for one hell of an economic and market downturn. While the Fed and central banks can prop up asset prices, they can’t prop up a physical economy that is primed for a recession-depression.

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