Dow Gold Ratio | BullionBuzz Chart of the Week

How many ounces of gold does it take to ‘buy’ one unit of the Dow Jones?

Dow Gold Ratio | BullionBuzz Chart of the Week

Source:;; LBMA; BMG Group Inc.

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  1. Ray Black

    With Scotia Bank getting out of the Gold market and exchange . how will that affect the Gold Stored in Scotia Bank’s Vault?

  2. Monica Gaudet

    Hi Ray,
    As Scotia is also shuttering their vault as part of closing out of the precious metals market, each custodian who is storing their bullion at the Scotia vault will need to move their precious metals to a new storage facility. BMG is currently in the process of securing another tier one level financial institution to move over the precious metals for the BMG BullionFunds as well as the BullionBars program. As soon as we have finalized our new storage partner(s), we will be informing our clients.

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