Global Endgame Has Started… Gold Rush In The Making

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Egon von Greyerz

Ronald Stöferle of Incrementum and the “In Gold We Trust” report and Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management discuss the massive risks of the world’s financial system at the Precious Metals Summit in Munich, Germany.

Global Endgame Has Started... Gold Rush In The Making | BullionBuzz
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The two precious metal experts share their view about how to deal with the profound downside threats and their implications for the global economy, and explore the following topics:

  • Global financial risks have never been greater
  • How to analyse and understand the severe downside prospects we face
  • Endgame started with dire implications for stocks, real estate, debts and politics
  • Gold seventh sense of the financial markets, sniffed out early recessionary and inflationary warnings in the recent up move
  • Central banks panic-mode statements hint at the rotten nature of the world’s financial system
  • Central banks are on a gold-buying spree to prepare for a new currency system
  • European banks are totally bankrupt, helicopter money and MMT are guaranteed
  • First innings of a bond market implosion, skyrocketing interest rates and inflation to follow
  • Negative bond yields result in guaranteed losses, liabilities will never be repaid
  • Huge rush into gold about to start as it hits the front pages
  • Financial and psychological preparations are absolutely key

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  1. Saeed

    This legalized fraud called fractional-reserve banking was purpose-designed to rip-off the Middle-class, and finally, enslave them with modern technology to monitor their every move…which they will gladly accept as it will be promoted on the premise of national security. As Late Professor Alexander Tyler (Edinborough University, Scotland) wrote in this 1853 Two-Volume Treatise, “History of Mankind from Adam (upon whom be peace) to Early Eighteenth Century” that mankind has followed an 8-stage pattern from Freedom to Slavery. In the 7th Stage they go from “Apathy to Dependence” (Social Justice Warriers, Safe-Zone whimps in Universities, welfare/nanny state, etc.) and in the final state they go from “Dependence to Bondage”. After this everything bubble pops the Middle-Class will be impoverished as a planned demolition by the elite, and straight into bondage, as documented by Mr. Wayne Jett in his 2011 book, “The Fruits of Graft – Great Depression Then and Now”. However, this is all working out as planned by God Mighty and Majestic for rejecting HIM and the wisdom that we gain by following Divinely-Revealed Books. Thus, as a consequence we end-up following Satan, as well as our Carnal desires for illicit sex, pornography, living beyond our means on debt, etc. There is a reason why all Monotheistic Religions ban Usury…and it is because in a usurious economy brotherly relations (of created equal) in society turn into Master-Slave relations over an extended period of time. As the saying goes….98% learn through perspiration, but 2% learn through inspiration. Through suffering common human beings come to accept wisdom and wise people. Late Professor Alexander Tyler said in his treatise…after bondage masses regain their freedom through spiritual fortitude. This is when people will be calling on God Almighty for a saviour, and HE out of HIS Mercy for HIS creation will send Jesus (upon whom be peace) for the second time to free people from ‘money-lenders’.

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