Forecast 2017: The Wheels Finally Come Off

by James Howard Kunstler

“Apart from all the ill-feeling about the election, one constant ‘out there’ since November 8 is the Ayn Randian rapture that infects the money scene. Wall Street and big business believe that the country has passed through a magic portal into a new age of heroic businessmen-warriors (Trump, Rex T, Mnuchin, Wilbur Forecast 2017: The Wheels Finally Come Off | BullionBuzzRoss, et. al.) who will go forth creating untold wealth from super-savvy deal-making that un-does all the self-defeating malarkey of the detested Deep State technocratic regulation regime of recent years. The main signs in the sky, they say, are the virile near-penetration of the Dow Jones 20,000-point maidenhead and the rocket ride of Ole King Dollar to supremacy of the global currency-space.”

“I hate to pound sleet on this manic parade, but, to put it gently, mob psychology is outrunning both experience and reality. Let’s offer a few hypotheses regarding this supposed coming Trumptopian nirvana.”

Kunstler discusses: the designated bag-holder; the ‘big fat ugly bubble’ and its consequences – part 1: history lesson and part 2: 2017, the year of living anxiously; why Trump can’t pull a Reagan; desperate measures; wild in the streets; the oil quandary; and vagrant thoughts on geopolitics.


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