A Flock of Black Swans

by Jeff Thomas

Major depressions go in downward waves interrupted, at intervals, by false recovery waves. The first major event of what would become the Greater Depression took place in 2007, with the housing crash. A year later, right on cue, came the first of the stock market crashes.

A Flock of Black Swans

Washington DC, USA – July 17, 2014: A detail from one of the statue groups at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial that portrays the depth of the Great Depression. (Scanned from black and white film.)

Since then, the Fed and the world’s governments and central banks have been involved in Band-Aid solutions to postpone further crashes, in spite of the fact that the economy is a ‘dead economy walking.’

At some point, a Band-Aid will fail. When the first one lets go, they will all fail in succession. At this point, the average person will understand that we have been in the early stages of a depression all along.

Then there will be a sudden and unseen event, a trigger that suddenly sends the economy downward, followed by others, as the economy tumbles inexorably downward.

Along the way, emergency measures will be utilized to ‘save’ the economy. They will be drastic, including confiscation of bank deposits, plus massive money creation. There will be dramatic inflation, and possibly hyperinflation.

No one can predict with certainty what the trigger will be; so many Band-Aids have been used by so many countries that no one can say which one will fail first, or which one will be the actual trigger that causes the chain reaction.

We are nearing that time. As we get closer, an increasing number of people are seeing the writing on the wall. Thomas discusses what the fatal trigger will be; how to prepare in advance; and how to create an escape plan.


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