The Chinese And Maginot Gold Lines

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Egon von Greyerz

There are critical moments in time that can change history. Greyers talks about two lines that are extremely important, as they will change the world for years to come. The first is a Chinese Gold Line that is linked strongly to China’s history. It has an important connection with what will happen in the world in coming years. The second is a Maginot Gold Line that will also shape the world for many years, or decades, to come.

The Chinese And Maginot Gold Lines | BullionBuzz
Source: King World News

The history of China and gold is fascinating, and more so when Japan’s looting of Chinese gold is added to the story. Japan was interested in Chinese gold since the Sino-Japanese war in 1894. Japan spent time and resources on the Manchurian gold exploration from that time to the end of WWII. Japan is said to have looted considerable amounts of gold from mines in Northeastern China. Not only that, but in 1937, as the Civil War in China was raging and Mao and the communists pushed Chiang Kai Shek out, the Japanese invaders stole 6,600 tonnes of gold from the Chinese capital Nanking. The value today would be $280 billion.

Up for discussion: US gold is in China; the Yamashita gold; Chinese fiat money in 740 BC; the Chinese gold line; the Chinese learned a valuable lesson from the 1930s hyperinflation; the West doesn’t understand gold; no gold shops in the West; soon there will be no gold to buy; the Maginot gold line; and a break of the Maginot gold line will lead to severe gold shortages.

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