Billionaire Investors Getting Vocal about Opportunities in Precious Metals

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Mike Gleason

September is often characterized by rising volatility heading into the fall, and also often ushers in a period of seasonal strength for precious metals.

Billionaire Investors Getting Vocal about Opportunities in Precious Metals | BullionBuzz | Nick's Top Six
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Gleason discusses fuel cell technology; Elon Musk and securing supplies of strategic metals for electric vehicle and battery production; other billionaires getting more vocal about the investment opportunities in physical metals; hedge fund manager John Paulson expecting cryptocurrencies to crash and gold to surge as investors seek tangible protection from inflation; Jeffrey Gundlach becoming jaded about owning dollar-denominated IOUs and believing that the US dollar is going down, leading to a big rally in gold once it breaks out of its recent trading range.

The smart money isn’t waiting for the public to pile into precious metals following a breakout. Large institutional investors are accumulating while prices are still low, and sentiment is downbeat.

Billionaires who see long-term value in hard money (gold) understand that in pursuing inflationary monetary policy, the Fed has gone down a road with no exits. The only destination is a devalued currency. How rapidly will we get there?

Fed Chair Powell seems willing to allow as much spending and debt as the Biden administration wants to rack up. Although taper talk swirls, there will be no tapering of the national debt so there can be no tapering of the money supply. Under a debt-based monetary system, currency supply has to keep growing in order to keep debtors afloat.

Powell knows that his role is to enable politicians to spend at will and provide whatever backing the U.S. Treasury Department needs. He was originally appointed by President Donald Trump; that he is supported by the Biden administration proves that, in Washington, everyone wants easy money because no one wants to make hard political choices.

Savers, investors and retirees have no choice but to get out of the US dollar if they want to retain purchasing power. Fortunately, it’s easy to convert fiat currency into the hard money of gold and silver bullion.

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