The Best Buying Opportunity Since 1971

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Doug Casey

This is the text of an interview with Doug Casey on commodities, which he believes are in the early innings of a massive bull market.

Best Buying Opportunity Since 1971 | BullionBuzzDoug is not talking about just gold and silver. He thinks commodities, as a group, are about to take off.

Doug has so much conviction in this call that he just launched a new commodity letter, which he talks about in this interview.

The article explains why the stage is set for a monster rally in commodities. Doug discusses the need for commodities to live; nanotechnology, space exploration and artificial intelligence coming onstream; the highly cyclical and volatile nature of commodities; the costs of production; the previous opportunity for commodities; cryptocurrencies; put options and commodities; the financial hurricane of 2007; why the current commodities opportunity seems to be flying under the radar; demand for commodities; and powerful forces creating volatility in the commodity market.

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