The Facts & Numbers of 2020, The Golden Future of 2021

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Matthew Piepenburg

The author takes a deep dive into the lessons of history, math and objective facts as one year replaces another in a global market increasingly on edge.

The Facts & Numbers of 2020, The Golden Future of 2021 | BullionBuzz | Nick's Top Six
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But all market distortions, as well as conversations, ultimately turn toward precious metals.

Gold can’t be hacked, replicated or humbled by electricity shortages or the super computers (and super dangers) of clever dark corners from Russia to China.

Physical gold serves as a far more sober component and solution than cryptos alone for the next disaster in the current regime of doomed foreign-exchange floors.

There’s also no denying that cycles move through time, and just as the industrial revolution replaced the agricultural revolution, the new era and cycle of tech is here, and that includes cryptos and blockchain.

The recent mania in Bitcoin is no joke, and like gold, represents a common distrust (and middle finger) to global central banks and their increasingly comical fiat currencies.

Cryptos and blockchain are an inevitable part of the present and future era, and that future will be volatile yet rewarding for those seeking to get rich, which is certainly the case today for Bitcoin holders.

But for those looking to stay rich, the volatility and skyrocketing nature of cryptos like Bitcoin are dispositive evidence that such coded 0s and 1s will not, by themselves, be a source of real monetary stability in the next currency reset already being telegraphed by the IMF.

In other words, gold will once again rise to the occasion as part of the future solution.

Up for discussion: The most important numbers of 2020; the martini effect; global bonds—nothing for the money; from bad bonds to inflated stocks and diluted currencies; no place to hide; all talk (and history) turns to gold; and the past is prologue.

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