Will Your Investments Hold up over the Next Financial Crisis?

by Chris VermeulenStock market data with downtrend vector

It is possible to forecast the timing of the stock market crash and the next financial crisis. Vermeulen has been warning that the stock market will top out, and eventually the large cap stocks will roll over. There is a huge amount of manipulation by the Fed.

However, investors can be ready for anything by investing wisely in both gold and silver, which has worked well for long-term portfolios the past year and, soon enough, having a net short position on the stock market will be an incredible opportunity for those who embrace the collapse.

Every crisis also brings an opportunity, so make the best use of the opportunity before the price of gold and silver blows through the roof. It is better to invest now and see investments multiply rather than waiting for the crisis to start since, by then, more than half of the rally would be over.


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