What Keeps Them Up at Night

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by James Quinn

Ten years after the financial crisis, the government/Fed/Wall Street/MSM narrative has won the day. The account peddled by them and their corporate media mouthpieces about Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner saving the world by creating trillions of new debt to supplement the trillions in bad debt is the dominant view among the masses. A 9-year bull market, 0% interest rates, unlimited liquidity pumped into Wall Street by the Fed, and propaganda pumped at the public has produced illusions of wealth and delusions of normality. As long as the markets go up, the investing class has no interest in truth or consequences.

Booms built on a foundation of dodgy debt, easy money, extremely low interest rates and false narratives peddled by the government’s propaganda machine always collapse. There is no avoiding the consequences of the insane ‘solutions’ to the last debt-induced crisis. It doesn’t matter what trigger induces the disintegration of this debt.

What Keeps Them Up at Night | BullionBuzz

The masses are unprepared for the consequences of the unholy trinity of debt, civic decay and global disorder. Fourth Turnings always intensify and reach a crescendo of pain before a chance at redemption can arise. The inevitable financial collapse will produce a conflagration not anticipated by a population plagued by a terminal case of normalcy bias. This, says Quinn, is what keeps him up at night.

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