Weimar 2020

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by Gilad Atzmon

Despite the lockdown, the economic crisis, tens of millions unemployed and multiple corporations filing for bankruptcy, Wall Street is thriving. CNBC’s Jim Cramer said: “We’re looking at a V-shaped recovery in the stock market, and that has almost nothing to do with a V-shaped recovery in the economy. What is going on is one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.”

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This will have a horrible effect; there is already a tsunami of bankruptcies. The US faces a 13.3% unemployment rate. The fortunes of US billionaires increased by $565 billion between March 18 and June 4, while the same 11-week period saw 42.6 million Americans filing jobless claims.

You would think that the left would be alarmed by these developments, but reality suggests the opposite. Instead of uniting in a battle against Wall Street, the left is investing its political energy in a race war.

The left’s silence on Wall Street’s wealth transfers is not an accident. The left is supported by Wall Street and global financiers. It maintains social and racial tensions that draw attention away from Wall Street. The left is also reluctant to point at Wall Street and its current theft as such criticism, however legitimate, would be censured.

One of the most concerning aspects of the left’s politics is that agitators appear blind to their own ideological past. Consequently, they are detached from the present and totally removed from a concept of future.

Fueling a race conflict is the worst possible path toward eliminating racism and discrimination. Such a tactic will deepen the divide that splits the American working class. Is this divide what the left is trying to achieve?

History teaches us that fascism always wins when the conditions for a Marxist revolution are perfect. When you push race conflict and further fragmentation of US society, bear in mind that you may end up with someone who can unite the US and make it great, but you won’t find your place in it.  

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