US$10,000 Gold? Here’s How it Could Happen | Nick Barisheff

US$10000 Gold? | Nick Barisheff

The gold price has cooled since its summer run above US$2,000 per ounce, but it could move far beyond that level in the future if the circumstances are right.  That’s according to Nick Barisheff, president and CEO of BMG Group. Speaking to the Investing News Network, he explained how the yellow metal could run past US$10,000 — or even further.  “Basically if you look over a reasonable timeframe, the price of gold and the total amount of US debt is correlated, so they would go up together,” he said. The two fell out of sync in 2011, with gold correcting while US debt kept growing, but Barisheff said the relationship remains. Pension funds, virtually none of which hold gold, are another key factor in the equation.

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Nick’s work at BMG Group
1:13 – Creating a truly diversified portfolio
4:12 – The right amount of gold to own
6:33 – Two key factors driving gold right now
11:26 – Arriving at a US$10,000 price for gold
15:38 – Potential path to US$10,000 gold
16:51 – Silver “dramatically undervalued”
19:45 – Final words of advice
20:45 – Outro

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