Russian Roulette, Central Banks and Gold

by G.E. Christenson

Instead of playing a guaranteed-to-fail game of Russian roulette with your financial security, consider a return to the basics:

  • Use real money—gold and silver—for your savings.
  • Russian Roulette, Central Banks and Gold | BullionBuzzGold has no counterparty risk. Silver has no counter-party risk. Most or all paper and debt-based assets depend upon counterparties.
  • Minimize debt and reduce your debt footprint.
  • Reconsider your investments in bonds, stocks, ever-increasing debt, devaluing currency units, minimal interest paid on savings, counterparty risk, and trust in central bankers.
  • Be cautious when playing central banker Russian roulette with your savings and retirement funds. The stock market crash of 1987, the LTCM crash of 1998, the NASDAQ crash of 2000, and the global financial crisis of 2008 warned us about counterparty risk, excess debt and trusting Wall Street.
  • Trust gold and silver more, and use fewer paper investments.

Christenson discusses central and commercial banks; derivatives; debt; near-zero interest rates, negative interest rates, and financial repression; high-frequency trading (legalized skimming); and too-big-to-fail, too-big-to-jail—central banks and the five largest commercial banks.


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