Rise to Rebellion—A Fourth Turning Perspective

The comments below are an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by The Burning Platform

It is the fifteenth year of this Fourth Turning, with a resolution likely within the next five or six years—good, bad or disastrous. The Great Depression/WWII Fourth Turning lasted 17 years, while the American Revolution Fourth Turning took 21 years. It is certain that violent conflict will drive this Fourth Turning to its climax, with both civil and global conflict playing a major role. Americans who were pushed too far by the British in 1775 had virtually no chance of victory, but they won. Will Hillary’s deplorables summon the inner strength, resolve, fortitude and courage to support and sustain their fellow modern-day patriots in the coming battles for the heart of the nation?

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Americans aren’t going to vote their way out of this, as both parties are captured and corrupt. The people have been pushed as far into a corner as they can go. And the time for pushing back has come. America’s future will depend on how they respond during the coming trials and tribulations. It will require sacrifice and cooperation between all generations to save the country from the forces of evil currently in control. Once the sword is drawn there will be no turning back or compromise.

Many have already given up their liberties and freedoms for the promise of government safety and welfare payments, but will ultimately realize they aren’t safe, and the promises were hollow and false. The US is financially and morally bankrupt, and its fall will be the most spectacular in world history. As darkness descends upon the land of liberty, it’s time to make a stand against evil and tyranny.